Explore The GUAVA Fruit Tree

The guava fruit grows on a small tree with a wide, short canopy and a sturdy single to multi-stemmed trunk. The guava tree is an interesting plant with mottled greenish bark and long 3- to 7-inch serrated leaves. Guava trees produce white, 1-inch flowers that yield to small round, oval or pear shaped fruits. These are more accurately berries and have soft flesh, which may be white, pink, yellow or even red and varies in taste from sour to sweet depending on variety.

The guava plants thrive in any soil with good drainage and full sun for best flowering and fruit production. The skin of the fruit is covered by a dull blue green bloom. You can rub this off with your finger to reveal the shiny green skin underneath.

The best way to eat them is by slicing them in half lengthwise and scooping out the flesh with a spoon. The tiny seeds are edible, too. Harvest season is September through November in the Florida. Ripe fruit will fall from the tree if you shake it.

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