We Are A Living and Growing Store

Choosing and placing boulders and plants for your landscape job is an art. The Japanese have several years of study on just rock placement. But you can do a great job with just some sensitivity and a good eye. We have that eye and has been designing Rock Gardens and ornamental sanctuary gardens in SW. Florida for many years. We offer you our experience and reputation to help you design the perfect oases.

When planning the layout of a garden, consider the terrain of your property. For level areas it might be necessary to raise-up part of the ground into a berm where the rocks can be buried.

Alternatively, rocks can be buried below the ground level imitating a natural outcropping.

Rock gardens are gaining popularity, as they can bring a modern element to landscaping and can be used in a variety of contexts. With the use of Florida Friendly Plants and yard art or fountains you can develop a low maintenance garden that will give enjoyment for years to come.